Network Operations Center

As the network increasingly becomes the platform for your business operations, your effectiveness and production output depends on its availability, capacity and performance. Although this shift to a connected operational model creates many advantages, it’s a dependence that makes the discipline of Operations Management a business requirement – a requirement to ensure your investment in network infrastructure delivers the service levels your business needs.

eMerge technologies provides a combination of network operations systems and services to drive service efficacy, service level adherence, best practice operations and the solution to problem resolution time and service impacting incidents.

Our service management approach is focused on helping you understand where you are placed against best practice for process, organization and platforms to manage your network infrastructure. Deploying operations management systems to automate functions in the network operations and systems operations centre (NOC and SOC) will reduce downtime of IT infrastructure and decrease errors in configuration and change.  This has strong ROI for your business including cost reductions, improved end user experience, and increased accuracy and productivity of your IT operations.

Outsourced network management services provide the additional benefits of allowing you to take advantage of specialist expertise in network management, rather than training and managing internal resources.