Wireless & Mobility

Today’s work environment is dramatically changing from the way the users conducted business from their office desks to having the freedom & flexibility of getting connected to their business critical information from anywhere and anytime & on the move.

With employees on the move both within and outside the business, maintaining productivity and responsiveness can be challenging. Even on the go, employees require access to their critical data applications, the ability to collaborate with colleagues, partners, and customers, and awareness of the location and status of assets and people that are critical to completing business processes.

eMerge offers complete wireless and mobility solutions and is fully aware of the challenges raised with the increased use of wireless enabled devices and mobile workers with justified business needs.

Major areas of eMerge Wireless and Mobility offering are:

      •   Wireless coverage solution for both indoor and outdoor areas supporting 802.11 a/b/g/n wireless standards.
      •  Complete wireless security solution with firewall, IPS and access control capabilities.
      •  Policy enforcement solution for mobile users based on identity, location and role to access the network resources.
      •  Solution to deliver voice and video in addition to data over wireless infrastructure.
      •  Centralized management of complete wireless and mobility solution.