Wireless Site Survey

 Expert RF Site Surveys and Wi-Fi Quality Assessments for Corporate Networks in Dubai and Across the UAE

 Wi-Fi networks are expanding annually, playing an increasingly vital role in corporate IT infrastructure.

 Inadequate Wi-Fi signal coverage in locations like warehouse complexes, office centers, hotels, and more can cause significant  disruptions or even halt essential business operations, adversely impacting the company’s overall performance and reputation.

Equipment Employed in Wireless Site Surveys


  • Purpose: Conduct Radio Frequency Site surveys using specialized software for Wi-Fi network design.
  • Tool: Ekahau Site Survey Pro software and hardware system.

 Ekahau Sidekick

  • Function: This device enables real-time exploration of both Wi-Fi frequency bands (2.4GHz and 5GHz) simultaneously.

 Pneumatic Masts

  • Function: Various heights of pneumatic masts are used to determine the optimal locations for hotspots.
  • Benefit: These masts securely fix equipment, align antennas, and position them precisely at the planned installation points.

 Access Points and Antennas

  • Variety: eMerge Technologies maintains a broad selection of access points and antennas from manufacturers like Cisco, Ruckus, Huawei, Aruba, Extreme Networks, Eltex, and Qtech.


 Primary Objective of RF Site Surveys

 Conducting a Radio Frequency (RF) survey is essential for both setting up a new Wi-Fi network and upgrading an existing one. An RF  survey helps determine the optimal number and placement of Wi-Fi hotspots, the precise orientation of antennas, and the appropriate  frequency and power settings for the equipment.

 In bustling cities like Dubai, an RF survey is vital for effective Wi-Fi network planning. Without a professional RF survey, predicting Wi-  Fi signal propagation accurately is challenging due to numerous visible and invisible factors that influence the network:

  • Obstacles: Walls, doors, partitions, and racks can significantly attenuate the radio signal, depending on their configuration and materials.
  • Industrial Equipment: Machines, motors, welding systems, and air conditioners can negatively impact the performance of nearby Wi-Fi equipment.
  • Household Appliances: Devices like microwave ovens, Wi-Fi cameras, wireless content delivery systems, and Bluetooth devices can cause active interference.
  • Third-Party Networks: Nearby wireless Wi-Fi networks can create constant interference, which needs to be effectively managed through a site survey.

 eMerge Technologies’ expert RF services in Dubai can significantly improve the efficiency and reliability of your Wi-Fi networks.

 A Professional RF Survey is Crucial for Achieving a High-Quality Wi-Fi Network on Your Site

 Instances Requiring RF Surveys and In-Depth Wi-Fi Network Analysis

 A. Before Building or Upgrading a Wi-Fi Network

  • Purpose: Assess the physical characteristics of the site, obstacles, and environmental factors affecting Wi-Fi signal propagation and equipment stability.

 Method: Typically conducted using the “access point on a stick” (AP-on-a-Stick) technique to determine optimal hotspot locations and  settings.

 B. After Wireless Network Implementation

  • Purpose: Verify the network meets required parameters.
  • Method: Supervised installation checks to ensure correct placement of access points, considering angles and potential obstructions. Key characteristics like signal level, signal-to-noise ratio, channel distribution, and network bandwidth are tested.

 C. During Operation

  • Purpose: Audit the physical parameters and equipment settings of the Wi-Fi network.
  • Method: Assess the impact of various factors on network quality and ensure the network meets business requirements.

 WIFI Network Site Survey Types

 Passive RF Survey

  • Scope: Collects basic information about the wireless environment along the survey route.
  • Data Collected:
  • Signal levels and operating frequencies from detected Wi-Fi devices.
  • On-site signals from other radio emission sources within Wi-Fi ranges.
  • Outcome: Provides a reliable assessment of the Wi-Fi network’s signal level, signal-to-noise ratio, overlap zones, and interference levels.

 Active RF Survey

  • Scope: Involves connecting measuring equipment to the working Wi-Fi network as a client.
  • Data Collected:
  • Real connection speed.
  • Packet loss.
  • Roaming process between access points.
  • Outcome: Allows detection and correction of issues not related to the physical environment, such as hardware configuration errors.

 Radio Survey Stages

 Before Equipment Implementation

         1.Data Collection

  • Assess customer requirements for Wi-Fi service.
  • Create a 3D model of the site based on floor plans.
  • Predict coverage based on room heights, wall materials, user placements, and device types.
  • Prepare a preliminary network design and hardware specification.

          2.Inspection of the Site in Passive Mode

  • Conduct a visual inspection of the site.
  • Verify floor plans and calibrate dimensions.
  • Install a hotspot at planned equipment locations according to the design.
  • Survey the wireless environment at each access point location.
  • Analyze data to ensure compliance with network targets, adjusting access point locations, number, antenna types, heights, and tilt angles as needed.
  • Document equipment installations with photos for future reference.

          3.Research & Measurement Report

  • Prepare a detailed report with measurement results and reliable recommendations for building or upgrading the Wi-Fi network to meet target characteristics.

 After Equipment Implementation

         1.Inspection of the Site in Active Mode

  • Visually inspect access point installation sites to verify quality.
  • Audit wireless equipment settings.
  • Deploy a server to test network throughput.
  • Perform active radio surveys in both the 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz bands.
  • Remove debug information from the WLAN controller.
  • Optimize network characteristics as needed.

         2.Measurement Report

  • Compile a report with active measurement results, detailing additional quality characteristics of the Wi-Fi network and providing solutions for any issues related to equipment settings.

 Wireless Network Survey Services in the UAE

 eMerge Technologies offers an extensive array of specialized services across the UAE. Our team of radio engineers guarantees high-  performance Wi-Fi networks in any location.

 Our services cover a range of needs for your site, including:

  • Auditing, troubleshooting, and optimizing existing Wi-Fi networks
  • Designing Wi-Fi networks for new facilities
  • Advanced Wi-Fi services such as mesh networks and integration with information systems
  • Turnkey support and comprehensive Wi-Fi services

 What Sets eMerge Technologies Apart

 eMerge Technologies distinguishes itself for several key reasons:

 · Extensive Experience: We have significant expertise in providing Wi-Fi survey services not only in the UAE but also in various other  countries.

 · Proven Track Record: With numerous successful projects under our belt, we have organized wireless networks for companies of  all  sizes, ranging from small offices to expansive business centers.